Reflexology Therapy




We allow 45 minutes for a New Patient Assessment

To ensure that we treat you in the safest way possible, it is essential that a new patient assessment is completed for all patients before routine appointments can be offered. 

You will be asked to complete a confidential medical history questionnaire and a thorough examination of your feet and lower legs will be undertaken. The results of the examination, in combination with your foot related concerns and treatment expectations, will be used to formulate and agree a treatment plan that addresses your individual foot care needs. 

The new patient assessment includes necessary referrals to other healthcare professionals. In most circumstances treatment will begin at the initial appointment. If you have a complex foot issue, it is likely that this alone will be addressed at the initial appointment and a follow up appointment will be required for routine treatment.


We allow 30 minutes for routine appointments

At your routine appointment the treatment plan formulated and agreed at your initial assessment will be implemented. The treatment plan is individual to each patient and will range from maintaining current foot health, by providing routine nail care, to addressing a more complex lower limb issue.

Our priority is to provide high quality treatment, that addresses your changing foot care needs. To ensure that your treatment plan remains relevant to your requirements, it will be reviewed and amended as necessary with your agreement at each routine appointment. 

Below is a list of the most common treatments that we provide: 

Routine nail cutting

Thickened nails

Fungal nails

Ingrowing nails

Corns and callus (hard skin)

Cracked heels 

Heel pain

Athletes foot

Ageing feet


We allow 45 minutes for an Annual Diabetic Foot Assessment

With over a decade of experience in diabetic foot care, our podiatrist will assess your current risk of developing a diabetic foot problem in line with NICE guidelines. The results of the assessment will be discussed in detail with you and your risk category explained.  The podiatrist will provide verbal and written diabetic foot care education and motivation to empower you to improve and maintain your foot health.  A copy of the assessment can be supplied for your GP at your request. 

Diabetes is a disease that develops from high blood glucose levels which can cause damage to the nerves and blood vessels, including those supplying the legs and feet. In the lower limb this damage can result in changes to sensation (peripheral neuropathy) and changes to circulation (ischaemia). Peripheral neuropathy and ischaemia are risk factors associated with ulcers and amputation. Early recognition and management of these risk factors is fundamental to maintaining foot health in the diabetic population. 


A selection of products will be available to purchase at the time of your appointment.

Below is a list of our most popular products:

Luxury foot cream

Antifungal foot cream

Antifungal nail lacquer


Foot files

The above products are not included in the treatment fee.